Camp XL is a registered charity that runs camps for young people of all faiths and backgrounds

It's great to be a part of it!

Camp XL's camps attract individuals from all over the country, and beyond. As many of these as possible we run here at Gaines hosted by our resident team, supplemented with other Camp XL volunteers.  

Obviously not all activities are suited to the Worcester countryside! Some require specific facilities not found here (like our ski and surf camps for instance!), so a few of our team might occasionally trade the Worcester farmlands for the Swiss Alps or Cornish beaches.  It's a tough life, but somebody has to do it!

Whichever the case - be they here or elsewhere - you'll find the same high standards and innovation at all Camp XL events.  And the same format designed to encourage young people to examine and question for themselves the claims of the Christian faith. 

Want to know more? Head over to our sister site at Camp XL to see what’s on offer.